"From 1% to 7% increase in engagement, 74% increase in content interactions, and 50% increase in followers in a matter of weeks; these methods truly work!"


"1 month after applying your feedback I went from 1,530 followers to 2,000 followers! I've never gotten that many followers that quickly!!"




"It has been a struggle blindly uploading, without knowing if I’m maximizing the potential of both my posts and my bio. Jade is very, very thorough has given me plenty of specific directions in which to transform my profile in order to grow, connect with my audience, and monetize."


"I went from zero clue to feeling empowered and motivated after Jades coaching sessions, her wisdom and advice will go a long way in supporting my business journey and my clients.

Her Instagram audit was so detailed and thorough and I would recommend this for anyone who runs a business account on Instagram. Her knowledge on all things Gram is so impressive and can only enhance any account.

I was paralysed with overwhelm on what to post to my new account that it sat for weeks without any content but after just one session with Jade I feel confident to get started.

I highly recommend Jade’s services to new and established businesses in any industry, she has a wealth of knowledge in both algorithms and marketing. She is as authentic as her channels and such a pleasure to work with.

Thank you for your guidance Jade, looking forward to utilising your services in the future."


"Thank you so much for putting the service you have out there for us to utilise. I think investing into yourself and business is essential and making the decision to purchase your service was the best thing I could have done.

It was great to have an audit but more than that to go in depth and get as much knowledge out of you as I could. I know feel a lot more confident in the direction of my instagram page and will be looking forward to seeing it grow even more from the steps discussed."


"Jade's bespoke Instagram audit was incredibly helpful! I was looking to finally get serious about my social media presence in preparation for a product launch later this year, and I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea and wondered if I could even pull it off.

Jade's audit is thoroughly and thoughtfully broken down with personalised feedback and actionable items. I came away with a renewed sense of empowerment now that I have specific points on how I can improve." 


"Jade is a mastermind when it comes to figuring out all things IG! - really well put together analysis. Clean, beautiful, and easy to refer back to. Can’t recommend her enough!"


"Jade has been absolutely amazing! I actually found her through a proper YouTube search on organic social media growth. I decided to purchase an audit because I am serious about having my content creation as one of my main streams of revenue.

Jade carefully reviewed my Instagram, she sent a detailed document on what could be improved and I highly agree with her. I have already started implementing change, I am excited that I have a clearer vision of the direction I am headed in. I would highly recommend Jade's services! "


“I first found “We Side Hustle by Jade” on Youtube. I loved her energy and personality, which led me to decide I would trust her to help me analyze my social media in the most authentic and practical way possible.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I found her bespoke audit to be clear, concise and quickly applicable. I got to tidying up my Instagram page immediately! I’ll be working off her recommendations for improvement, but I am definitely considering 1:1 coaching in the near future. Thank you Jade!”


"I'm so grateful for the Instagram Audit I received from We Side Hustle! The audit paints a very clear picture of where I stand on the social media scene, and where I have the potential to go and grow. Moreover, it provides actionable feedback that is easy to follow and implement. Now I feel inspired and informed enough to move forward with the social media strategies that will help me achieve my business goals!"



I am creating the ULTIMATE small influencer community which is designed to help you continuously get brand collaborations!

-     Access to a list of active BRAND PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES, including which brands are recruiting and how you can get hired by them!  

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Enrollment for this club will start in Feb 2021.

Membership will cost £7.99 per month/ £90 per year.